Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chirp Chirp

Oh, goodness. Where do I even begin?

It looks like I haven't blogged since 2013, but that's not the case. I tried to have a "more professional" blog for a couple of years. I paid for a template, for hosting, all of it. I worked for hours and hours and hours creating a blog that looked professional. I read countless articles and posts from other bloggers about how to do it right. I had a special binder with all of my notes, and I went for it!

For a while things were going pretty well! I was gaining readers, I was happy with the way everything was coming together, and I even did some sponsored posts. (Getting free stuff is always fun!)

Then, after a couple of years of working endlessly to build something, money got tight. I truly didn't have the funds to renew my hosting and do the things I needed to do. I watched, helplessly, as my hosting expired. I counted days, reworked the math, and prayed that I might find a way to renew. I called my hosting company and tried to work with them, and then I had to watch as my blog simply disappeared from the internet.
All of that work. All of those memories. I still have the pictures, of course, but the recorded memories-gone.
And I cried.

I gave up for a while. I moped for a year or so, and then started a totally unrelated business. I make wood signs now, and own a small business called Ferns and Ivy. I've really been happy with it, and am making money, but I miss blogging. I miss recording all of the day to day memories of my family.

Chandler is leaving on his Mission in 10 days. He'll be spending six weeks in the MTC in Mexico City, then two years in the Utah-Provo Mission, Spanish Speaking. Oh, how I wish I had all of the memories of the last four years.

I have to try not to think about that, though, because I truly can't do anything about it. What I CAN do is try again. Professional or not, I'll be sticking to Blogger, because after all this time, my old, amateur, original blog is still here. I won't risk losing it again, and I'm happy enough here anyway.

I've also started a blog for Chandler's mission, so click here to keep up with his Utah adventures, and welcome back, friends.

Welcome back.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Makes a Blog Great?

What do you think makes a great blog? 

I started reading blogs years ago, and started (sort of) blogging myself shortly after that. I never really felt like I got the hang of it, you know? My family read my blog, and I made a couple of connections with some fabulous ladies I didn't know, but I never really felt like "a blogger". So when I decided to take it up again, and take it more seriously, I started paying attention to what I thought made a blog great. There are several blogs that I have followed for several years, so I went to those first.

The first, and most obvious thing they all have in common is great photography. Every blog that I follow, outside of friends and family, has great pictures to look at.

Hmmm. Gotta work on that one.

The other thing I noticed is that they seem to include some posts about daily life, but they also include deeper subjects. There are posts that make me evaluate myself and who I am, and want to be. They include recipes, decorating ideas, party ideas, all kinds of topics that give me ideas for my own family. I love that. I can pull off lots of stuff, but I don't have whatever it is that gives me the ideas in the first place. I get all of my ideas from blogs and Pinterest. Thank goodness for creative people!

So here I go again. Blogging. I don't know what I'll talk about. A little of everything, I suppose. Mom stuff, because that's what I know. Cooking, laundry, school stuff, church stuff, house stuff, crafty stuff, whatever's happening around here.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see what happens!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off He Goes

I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures on this computer. It's old enough that it doesn't even have a slot for a memory card. Anyway...

We left the house yesterday at around 6:30 in the morning. After around six hours in the car, we pulled into Nauvoo. I could tell that Chandler was getting nervous, because he kept asking how much longer. We ate lunch, if you can call it that, at a little local dive. (It wasn't very yummy) Then we headed over to the hotel to check him in. There was a long line of people, so we waited for a while, but the weather was pretty good, and in the shade, we were pretty comfortable. When it was our turn, I told Chandler that Russell and I were going to hang back and let him go for it alone. I reminded him to speak loudly and clearly, and stepped back. Bless his heart, he's so agreeable, and just stepped up to check in. He got his lanyard, his backpack thing, his hotel key, his t shirt, and his itenerary book, and headed back over to Russell and I. By the time he got to us, he had already misplaced his lanyard, so he and Russell went back around to find it. We headed out to the car, handed Chandler his luggage, and sent him on his way. As he walked toward the hotel, I watched him pulling his luggage, his new EFY backpack slung over his shoulder, eyes to the ground, and reminded myself that I KNOW this is going to be good for him. I think I actually handled it better than Russell. He was a shy kid, too, and said that he remembers well the feeling of heading off alone. I get that, but I believe with all of my heart, that this experiece will be positive for Chandler. I believe that his testimony will grow, that his courage will grow, and that he will come away stronger and more confident in himself.

After we dropped him off, Russell and I drove over to the temple and took some pictures. Wow. There is such an amazing spirit there. The plaque on the temple says "Commenced April 6, 1841". The temple was unfinished when the Prophet was killed, and the saints decided to move west.  Knowing that it would likely be destroyed, they cut no corners, and finished it anyway. They used the finest materials, and put all they had into this building. All while trying to prepare to head out, gathering food supplies, building wagons and handcarts, etc. It's just so amazing.

Chandler will have the opportunity to go into the temple this week.  I wish I could be there with him, but that's sort of the point, isn't it? That I'm NOT there.

He'll be good.

Now if I can just make it through the week without dying from worry. And hopefully I won't drive Heavenly Father mad with the near constant prayers for him...
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